Jojo - A yellow Mongrel adopted in yr 2002, my first dog who bringing us so much joy and unforgetable memory. A mongrel I m always feeling proud of..

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Through Jojo, I 've learnt..

" Always proud of ourselves no matter what colour skin we're "

" Always looking forward life, not the other way round"

" Being selfish bring you more worries "

" No complaints to life "

" Always stay young "

"Rest is for renew spirit "

" World is simple and wonderful always "

" Surprising come when only we 're not expecting "

" If we are smiling this moment; our surrounding people too "

" Appreciate food always "

" Be ourselves always "

" Exploring the world is full of excitement "

" Always stay alert to surrounding"

" Love your home "

" When time to play, play hard "

" Love is unconditional "

" Protect the pack means protect ourselves "

" We are all born with natural talents "

" Most valuable gift I can give is TIME "

Bringing up Jojo definitely is a great joy in my life; I 'm still learning from her...