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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jojo fun outing part II - Pet N U

"I am asked to join the down stay together with others big size friends"

Every saturday when others busy on shopping; I am busy playing in an indoor park by a dog training sch - Pet N U. I enjoy the session very much; as it is not too crowded, everybody can play on the equipments. My sporting owner won't let go any chances and I am asked to do flyball, agility, frisbee, obedient.. and.. whatever can come into her minds.
Well, it doesn't matter, because I got my favourate treats for simple move.. You stand - reward, you sit - reward, you smile - reward.. life is so perfect.

I like to run far far away from the crowd ;sniff around and check out the ground on the other end. I wonder if Fei like to run like me as well? If so, should join the coming Bull run 06'

Besides that, I m also enjoy find myself a favourate spot under the shade and resting there while the human enjoying their nasi lemak and chit chat non stop at the other end. Are they chatting what treats they going to rewards me for the next session? I wonder..

I remember I read somewhere : talented dogs always hide their talent. If you compare myself with my IQ zero brother, you can see the different: if you show your talent you will asked to run up and down the obstacles before you can get your treats, myself? just go tru a see saw will get the same equal amount of treat. Keep this secret to yourself.

Jojo @->--

"she told me SMILE can get special reward"

Steve Irwin - The Crocodile Hunter

In Memoriam
We are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Steve Irwin (04-09-06), we here send our deepest condolences to Irwin family, Steve Irwin - the truly animal lover, the adored "Crocodile Hunter", he will be always remember in our heart. Jojo & family

Dogathon 06'

I was woke up early in the morning to join the Yearly Dogathon (13-08-06) in Bukit Serdang by UPM. Right before I step in the ground, my playmates Groovy and Pacco already won the Dogathon first runner up and consolation prize. Incredible man..

I was invited to do some frisbee demo and flyball demo among the crowd. I pull myself for the frisbee after irritate by the crowd clapping sounds, but manage to run few round of flyball demo.

It's a hot sunny day, my sporting owner registered me into some games and I doing well during the musical chair game, if not because of her XXL butts, I would have just add in the winner list..

They said mongrel can be an idol too, so I am asked to do some roll over among the crowd, peoply are just kind enough to cheer me up even just a single roll over.. can you see the good being a mongrel.

I just very confuse this year I didn't invite to step up the stage yet I was invited to join in the winners group pictures and go home with many gifts and some prizes. Everybody smiling faces, hmmmm, not too bad...I must not miss the next coming dogathon then.