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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jojo : My Oversea Friends!!

Fei, I am asked to work tonight because my owner want to show you my costume..

I am decided to dedicate this page to all my friends over the world. Thank you for all their support to a Cool Mongrel like me.. Ahem... and those of you happen to read my page, please pay a visit to their cool blogs, you will find so many cool mutts & cool doggie all over the world.

Fei was adopted on April 6 2006. She was found in an industrial park together with her sister. Don't get cheated by the word "Adopted" , Fei is one the luckiest Mutt with title Managing Director travel around the world with no worries.

Her schedule is fully book up to year 2007, that is, she will then travel to Japan (Tokyo) with her lovely owners. Now currently Fei is enjoying herself in Singapore fully entertained by visiting the beautiful clean beach there and sit at the cafe take a sip of coffee with her owners. It is just matter of time she will pick up Golf one day with other cool mutts.

We are mutts but we are smart!! Read more about Fei Here

MoonShadow is a giant, silver, standard poodle currently live in Grand Junction Colorado. Again, Moonshadow having a good life now after join in her family in Colorado. She loves water, as much as my brother. Well, I totally understand this, I know she will be hot with such a thick fur jacket putting on her everyday. I felt I am so lucky now as my country don't have winter time we no need to wear such a thick winter coat.

Different activities happen on her side, she got the chance to chase the cow, play with the sheep, and say hi to the piggie. She loves playing in the farm; she is a real country dog!

Read more about MoonShadow here

Sam was all the way from Maryland, United States. She is a Weimaraner Love to go for long rides with the windows down. Don't she looks cool? If you are frequently philosophical, her blog is the right place for you.

You can well entertain with many good dog poem, dog quotes, well.. and many good pictures too. But.. but there is a rule : No Humans Allowed Without Being Accompainied By A Dog !

Let's click here to read more funny stories about Sam.

MJ's doghouse is a 6 yrs p;d pittbull x from VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada. Happy going lucky doggie always can hang around the beach, doggie park, and she is just so famous all the other doggies love to meet her. Hey, I luv your country, beautiful and peace...

You're looking someone? You have to pay a visit to her blog, so many friends there waiting for you! Oh yea, don't forget not to pee in her private pool..

Mary-Margaret O'Brien was adopted on 11/25/05. A cuttie terrier from Temecula, California, United States. Mary share with us her daily life, it was so much fun reading her blog, oh ya, I am still wonder how come she will fall in love with Sandy, during her puppyhood. Probably that is puppy love.. it's just so lucky Sandy still taller than her.
Mary is an obedient dog and clicker trained, read more about her over here.

p/s : Any MALE international friends out there?! woff woff.. be continue..

Gifts Collection Corner

I think after you have been 'tagged' by someone you need to write down 5 items..?? May be I choose to write down 5 special gifts I rewarded from my owner, I would like to put down here and share with u guys..

1) My very own portrait from Aunty Suzi. They say only famous people will have their own portrait.. well..Ahem.. my owner so proud of it, she hang it in the living room for 'decoration'.

2) My Paw Bandana, can you see my avarta, is the bandana cool? It is hand made, my owner sew it for me after she watch the k9Apendix Ad and love the design so much, but too bad I already destroy it. lol

3) My only costume - Contractor. Please don't laugh at me, I know I look like cartoon. But this costume is hand made by my owner and it tooks her quite some time special sew for me.. one and only design in universal..

4) Kong - My owner hardly spend so much on a toy, and she bought this only for ME!! But I hardly play on it right now because it 's kinda easy to get the treat inside..

5) Imported Frisbee - She told me this frisbee imported from Germany. I don't know.. but I appreciate it, another toy only for ME!! ;) hey this frisbee cool, it can fly further..haha

Hey guys, is the 'tagged' game play this way!? haha