Jojo - A yellow Mongrel adopted in yr 2002, my first dog who bringing us so much joy and unforgetable memory. A mongrel I m always feeling proud of..

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You might say I'm stubborn, but I m just like to be independent..

Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm a little bit of everything..

Jojo's words:

I'm a little bit of :

Agility - I don't really like fast sport, I found no meaning behind it.. but anyway I need to please my owner I have to do it, but in my own speed...

Flyball - As I mentioned earlier, I just hate fast sport, but I'm still ok with it since one round then I can get my treats, well, that is fair and square..

Obedience - I found this sport the best suit me, as long as u know few commands and you know how to walk.. you can be an 'Obedient dog', but how obedient you can be.. that is different say.

Protection -
I can announce loudly : I'm a good guard dog - for home only.

Fashion Show - Come on.. this is worse, my owner once in a blue moon will like to put some costume on me, I hate it! I am complaining each times but she said I got to work for my own rice bowl.

Fatest Eating - haha, what else can be better then just eat and get rewards? I don't understand why my brother likes to work hard for small little treat.. silly boy.

Tricks - Let me tell you something, every dogs should know some tricks. Just like every human they need some skills. Especially mongrel like me, you can just impress others easily by doing simple tricks.. ok, not too simple.. at least continuously double roll over.

Frisbee - Actually they get me wrong, I don't really like frisbee either, I'm trying to grab it fast and destroy it quick.

Water - Oh no, I'm sorry I can't swim but I enjoy running wild on the beach.. well, at least I am not blocking my owners and brother enjoying their summer swim. However, I am very obey when times really have no choice - bathing time.

Car ride - I enjoy car ride especially you see human walking outside and you are sitting inside yet faster than them. But my owners claim that not only my character stubborn, my fur too.. they said too difficult to vacuum after me. I think they are just too much complaints.

Photography -
This is something to do with obedient, you just need to learnt 'stay' then you are photogenic. Simple!

Games - Sometimes you just need to learnt some games to cheer your human, like seek and hide, chase and run, fetching .. you see , when they miss their childhood and they shy to play in public, so you just need to help them sometimes..

Health -
If you are multi talented dog and yet everyday you need to visit vets, that is pointless, keeping a healthy body is our priority, so? Start your engine now and... RUNNNN...!!

Jojo my talented mongrel

How my bond with doggie being started..

Jojo was adopted in Dec Year 2002, when I found her in an abandon state, scary and cold by the roadside hiding under a car. At that time, I know nothing about dogs. I never had any knowledge about keeping a dog, but the first sight on her, she look so cute despite she being scared n cold, I fell in love with her I carried her into my car and drove her back with exciting mood, yelling loudly when I reach home: ” See, See what I have!” I was so happy and was jumping with excitement.

The first thing I did was to shower her with warm water. I did not even know how to bath a dog, that was my first time and I learned that to shower a dog, we have to be careful not to wet their nose. From that day onwards, I have a new life....

What dogs attracts us, are not just their cute face, but also their behavior and the character. The time I spend with Jojo together is just indescribable, joyful and memorable. I know a dog‘s life span is approximately 15 human years and I want Jojo to live happily as long as she is with me. I will let her explore as much as she can by bringing her to the beach, play in the mud, jungle trekking, car ride, pet exhibitions and many other events that can be available.

If you have a Mongrel at home, please treat them as equally as Pedigree dogs, don't feel shameful bringing them out to join the pet exhibitions. Let them social around and you will soon find out that they are just as lovely as Pedigree dogs. Give them a chance, let them show their talents to you!