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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jojo : My Animal Kingdom

My Brother - Peony the Storm Rider @ Russell boy

My brother joined in my family after 6 mths later, I really jealous and didn't really like him. I show teeth whenever he gets near to me.

But he is such a gentle boy, he just like to sleep with me even partition with a glass door... my heart melted by his patient and good temperament and after a week, I have accept him as my pack. Now we sleep, play, eat and even shit together...

Foster Kittens:

Coco and Mimi
They were found
in a store abandoned by the mother, they were bottle feed for few weeks and foster under my shelter for few mths. It is really hard for me to accept cats as my friends, but I just fed up with their stubborn characters, so I choose to just ignore them.


Love to climb on anything just like a spider man. Once, he felt down from my brother playpen he then turn to be a good boy after the lesson.


A most naughtiest kitten foster in my shelter before and even drop in drain twice, his color just look like the cartoon character Jerry. That is
how he gets his temporary name.


Probably I like her most because she is very quiet and never irritate me.

Foster puppies:

pup #1 He has a special black face, quiet guy. No comments on him.

pup #2

Very cheerful guy after first bath, but his leg injure when time found him in a drain. He was send to a farm with Pup#1 chase the boar right now. They come in a second and they say good bye to me the next day...


A girlish beagle looks alike pup but with stomach injured when found. She looks quiet even when times she say good bye to me probably her stomach cause
discomfort to her. She is a pretty girl.

pup#4 & pup#5

A very naughty guy can not sit

still and just as naughty as pup#5, so they send to same home at the same time.

Fei Chai (Now - GerGer)

Her stomach forever hungry, but she is most beautiful just look alike a Saint Bernard. After bath and hair blow she looks like a panda bear. Wonder how is she right now...

Puppy (Now Mix)

She has a pity life, in and out my house few rounds, she is

also very noisy probably guard dog still the profession that suit her the best, She is now a factory watch dog. Good bye


The most naughty and cheerful guy so far foster in my shelter before. Scare of nothing. Well, he has a handsome face that melted everybody heart. Besides very noisy at nights, he is good at everything.

My best playmates:


A talented guy

we play flyball together, I just need to show him my dominant sometimes when he kacao me.


We met few times, we both from same ancient only different is our colour.

My neighbours:

A Poodle

I never know her name because her owner use whistle to called her, she likes to run in front my gate few round to let me bark madly on her before she can do her business.

A Silky Terrier

He is my right side neighbour, when his owner put him on leash he will then keep round and round the column so that he makes himself like tight up then he can be release free. What a smart guy.

A Golden Retriever

He is my new neighbour, he stay with the terrier, so far never heard him bark before, I am sure he still miss his mother.. Don't worry puppy, I am here to make some noise for your day...

A Jack Russell Terrier

His legs were short but he can run fast, he stay behind my row, once a while his owner will come over chit chat, I just worry my pack getting bigger and bigger and I will get lesser attention so I just bark them away.. I don't mean to be rude ok.

An American Cocker Spaniel

Hey, he has same color like my brother! But now I selfdom see him again because he likes to sneak out whenever his owners not in, so then now he has to be indoor.

A Mongrel (Darlie) and A Golden Retriever

Darlie got my genes, of cause I have to know his name. Why is her name Darlie? Because her face is half black and another half white. Not attend any ob class before but the most obedient dog in my neighborhood. The Golden is her playmate, a muscular man.

Ok. Mostly all the house here besides dogs, they have cats, I don't really interested on cats so I selfdom pay attention how many of them. As long as they don't jump in my compound and poo here like nobody business; then is fine for me.



Once a while you can see frogs jumping here and there, once there is white bubbles came out from my mouth, I think I play too rough with him and he was angry and pee on me.


I just can not stop my instinct, whenever I saw Lizards I will hunt them with my 2 hands, indoor or outdoor, I can't tolerant Lizards that near by me 2 feet. If they’re smart they better get lost in front of me.

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