Jojo - A yellow Mongrel adopted in yr 2002, my first dog who bringing us so much joy and unforgetable memory. A mongrel I m always feeling proud of..

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jojo's first...

Jojo's ..

First bowl - I bought this bowl in Subang Petswonderland, after mentioned I am an owner of mongrel, they leave us alone without further promote their products, anyway I bought 2 of those most expensive bowl I ever bought for my dogs so far, one was being stolen by the rubbish collection men few years back and left only one, however the bottom rubber already torn off.

First Trick - 'Sit' was her first trick, I am so proud of her, I called all my friends came to my house just to show them Jojo can 'sit', she was being command to 'sit' for the whole night..everybody were so impress! Jojo was a big star before...

First Collar - I found her very first collar during cleaning the store, I felt she was so lovely and cute during her puppyhood.

First Toy
- I bought a Mcdonal soft squeeze toy for her, she loves the toy so much but once I scolded her because she pees in the living room, she was so upset she destroy the toy under the coffee table.. now, destructive become one of her remark..

First day home - She was just hiding under the coffee table whole night imagine she still a stray outside hiding under the car... up to today, rest under our cars become a habit for her..

First meal - Dumex was her first meal, I am too excited, purposely drove all the way to the 'Kedai Runcit' bought this Dumex for her, but she upset us : she don't even want to take a sip. Then I drove all the way there again bought the puppy Pedigree for her..

First Jab - I found out dog have to be vaccinated after searching through the internet, I brought her to the Louis Animal Clinik in Subang SS14/1 on 11-12-2002, her first trick 'sit' was impress her vet, Dr Simon Louis offer her free de-wormed services. A beautiful memory..

First time sick - Jojo's sick once right after the first jab, she diarrhea during the midnight and cried whole night, I clean her with warm water and she seems to understand and lick my hands just like saying Thank you to me... the feeling just so warm..

First boarding - Jojo was send to Taman Tun a pet shop boarding for reason we have a trip to Penang 4 days 3 nights. During the trip we so miss her, even cut the trip short to only 2 days 1 night then we drove back and got her back.. the time I took her back I am so happy, the feeling just more than travel all the way to Penang..

First outing - We brought her to only near by park, a kid like her very much and she follow that kid run everywhere and forget about us! I am so jeolous I never bring her to the park again after that.. haha.

First trip - Jojo's first time l ong distance travel was- Port Dickson, she so excited and running non stop on the beach, she was on a very long string we modified our own, it is just like flying a kite. She don't even know sea water was salty and she diarrhea few rounds after drank non stop of the sea water.

First time on paper - Jojo's was so lucky she was snap once on Sin Chew Jit Poh during her CGC Mock Trial on Padang Merbok, she still so cool probably she wasn't know she going to get publish on the paper..

Jojo - My big baby... and cute always...